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Educational Materials

Each year Grupo de Veinte provides educational materials for many small schools in the pueblos of southern Peru including a preschool on the outskirts of Cusco.  Last year Grupo was asked to build a bathroom for a group of “special needs” children who had been evicted from their school due to overcrowding.  Grupo provided the funds and the parents built two bathrooms within two weeks for the kids.  Grupo continues to provide learning materials for them and we hope to build a shady area outside for them to play in.


In addition to papers, pens and other supplies, in one preschool, we were able to purchase a DVD player and monitor for showing educational films and slides.  Chalk is another favorite items among the kids.  For exercise, we have provided dozens of soccer balls and volleyballs to several schools – a big favorite with everyone! 


We also support a school for ‘special needs’ students on the outskirts of Cuzco, Peru. Last year the students were asked to leave the school where they had classes because of overcrowding.  They found a new school, but there were no bathrooms – so Grupo was able to provide funds for the parents to build two bathrooms for them.  We also continue to provide learning materials for the school.

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