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Get Involved

If you would prefer to receive a paper copy of the bulletin through regular mail, please click the button below to fill out the contact form. We will mail you a paper copy via USPS.

Volunteer with Us


You can support Grupo de Veinte Foundation by volunteering at upcoming events. Help is needed in set up, food preparation, and clean-up. 


Current Volunteers, Gerry and Beverly Greer have this to share about being volunteers:

"As Donors & Volunteers, we chose to help this charity for the following reasons: 

1. Accountable – They are financially responsible.   James has a Business & Law education and a management back.  Cece has an administration background.  They publish an update for Grupo de Veinte 3 times a year, giving status of projects.  Once a year, they publish a financial report.  They are timely on submitting financial reports to the State and IRS. 
2. Integrity – We have known James and Cece for over 7 years and can vouch for their honesty, dedication, and commitment.  They are an amazing couple, readily accepting guidance from the Holy Spirit and, thus, able to accomplish great things.  When home in San Diego, they are Eucharistic Ministers and head up the Prison Ministry Team at Donovan Prison near Tijuana. 
3. 100% of donations go to projects.  James & Cece pay their own travel and living expenses while in Perú and fund all expenses for administration and fund-raising for their Foundation." 

Pray for Us


Your prayers are so helpful and much appreciated by this ministry!  Please pray for the people living in the remote pueblo communities of Peru, especially for their health, education, and safety. Also, please pray for the success and safety of missionaries living and working in the region.

Receive Our Bulletin


Click the button below to download and print a copy of the current tri-annual bulletin that contains the latest news, project status, and photos.

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