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Ecuador Earthquake Relief Fund

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On April 16, 2016, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 struck Ecuador. As missionaries to Ecuador these past ten years, we have served three specific areas which were severely damaged by the 7.8 devastating earthquake; from Pedro Vicente Maldonado to the coastal areas of Pedernales and Punta Blanca, located 25 miles south of the earthquake epicenter and one of the worst hit areas.


Father Yorqui has informed us that the vast majority of Pedernales has been destroyed with unknown number of lives lost. There is extensive damage and we are still waiting to hear more details.The people living in these locations will need assistance for some time to come. 


Sister Marianita, along with a number of Sisters, assembled from various pueblos across Ecuador, is working with the displaced people by supplying numerous needs including food, clean water and blankets.


Our Grupo de Veinte Foundation is requesting your financial assistance to support Father Yorqui and the Sisters in helping these displaced families.


Please contact James or Cecelia Simon at Grupo de Veinte Foundation, 619.276.5460, or visit the website: to donate via PayPal.


Thank you and God bless you for your help.

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