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Dar Para Recibir (Pay Forward a Kindness


The Dar Para Recibir program was recently established in Velille, Peru by the Grupo de Veinte Foundation. This is a sister program to Pay it Forward that was established by the Dr. Estelle L. Kassebaum Memorial Scholarship Program at Mater Dei Catholic High School in Chula Vista, CA.


The privately funded Pay it Forward Program awards $250 scholarships to students for their use in leading approved service projects to help make a difference in their church, community, or school. The Program furthers the Ministry of Dr. Kassebaum and her goals of developing leadership in students while using their creativity and talents to make the world a better place.


Dar Para Recibir has achieved similar success in Velille. There, the children in the village were given instruction by James and Cece Simon from the book “Choosing Civility”, written by P.M. Forni. They were then put into leadership teams and tasked with developing a project where they would give their greatest gift freely – the gift of time. With no grants to fund their efforts, the teams decided to pool their resources, combined their efforts, and initiated a reforestation project that caught the village’s attention and ended up becoming a community event!


The successful completion of this year’s project is only the beginning of what is sure to become an annual event that will develop and empower young leaders to make a difference in their impoverished village of Velille.

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